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In Urbana Illinois:

91 % of those ticketed for jaywalking were Black, where just 16% of residents are Black.

In Sacramento California

50% of those ticketed for Jaywalking were Black, where the population is just 15% Black

In Ferguson Missouri

95% of Jaywalking tickets are issued to Black people where the population is 67% Black


Minneapolis population is 19% Black people but 58% of the city’s police use-of-force incidents.


Black residents are approximately 1/3rd of Chicago’s population, Black drivers account for nearly 2/3rds of Chicago traffic stops. 8 of the 10 ZIP codes with the most accumulated ticket debt per adult are majority black.


Black people in Chicago arrested almost 9X more than white people.


Blacks are 2 ½ X more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white drivers

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, 24% of black drivers and passengers were searched, compared with 5% of whites.


In Cincinnati, Black drivers are 30% more likely to be pulled over than white motorists. 

And are 76% of arrests following a traffic stop despite being 43% of the city’s population


According to FBI crime reporting, Black youth are arrested for loitering  269% more than Whites.


leading up to Michael Brown, Blacks received 95% of jaywalking tickets 

Blacks are 68% less likely than whites to see those charges dismissed in court. 

Over 90% of the arrest warrants for fines and fees were for Black people


Black drivers are about 30% more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. 


In Jacksonville Blacks are 3X more likely to be cited for jaywalking than whites. Black residents of the three poorest zip codes in the city, were about 6X more likely to get a jaywalking citation


Blacks are 85% more likely to be stopped.

16X more likely to be jailed over traffic fines. 

New Jersey

Black people are almost 10X more likely to be arrested than white people for misdemeanors

NYC (2018-2020)

86.4% — of bicycling citations where race was listed went to Black and Hispanic New Yorkers. 

Cops issued 99% of jaywalking tickets to Black and Hispanic people in the first quarter of 2020.

Black people charged with a misdemeanor are 75% more likely to be locked up*[1]

[1] Criminalizing Race: Racial Disparities in Plea Bargaining, 59 B.C.L. Rev. 1187 (2018), Carlos Berdejo


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